For a Debt Consolidation Loan, welcome to One loan

Let us do the searching for the best loan for YOU!


For a Secured Loan UK, you can consolidate your other loans to reduce your monthly outgoings with one simple lower payment.

You can't always get the best bad credit loan just by surfing the web. There are too many lenders and most with high fees!  Watch daytime TV to see the fees they charge to find you a loan. (You have to look very quickly at the bottom of the screen).

Let a professional do the searching for you!

Debt consolidation loan imageAre the rates you see advertised for a secured or unsecured loan available to you?  According to January poll, 52% of consumers did not get the advertised APR when applying for their personal loan or Debt Consolidation Loan.

You must know what is the best rate for YOU, not just the best rates they have available! Of course, once you make contact to a call centre, the slick salesman sells you a higher rate, which was maybe their intention, or am I just being cynical?  

We are different, we are not going to give you any rates for your loan!!  Because in all honesty we can't, we don't know you, or your circumstances, so how can we?

Do you really want to waste hours of your time trawling the web for your loan, trying to get pushy telesales people off the phone, waiting on hold from call centers? Or would you rather relax, knowing that we are doing all the hard work for you?  Using our expertise to find you the debt consolidation loan to fit your circumstances and, showing you how to present your details correctly to increase your chances of getting the best loans. (This can be very important).   We will contact other brokers, lenders and specialist loan companies on your behalf and present you with the best loan for your circumstances.  And naturally, you can always speak to the same person at a time to suit you.

Isn't that how it should be?  

Yes I did say that.  You will always deal with the same person, not a call centre.

So what is a service like that worth? A dedicated professional adviser that is working for you and not the loan company. Someone who can reveal the things you need to do before applying for a loan.  Well, after giving it a lot of thought we came up with an amount that we think you will like. Click on this link for your debt consolidation loan or other personal loan to find out.

You could borrow anything from £3,000 to £75,000 - for any purpose and if you take out a debt consolidation loan for your existing credit bills, you could reduce your monthly payments by £100s EVERY MONTH.

No matter whether you want a secured loan UK or unsecured loan we can help.

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